Spring Break

Sunday, April 02, 2006

During last week all people talked about a cherry blossom around me. There are many cherry trees , which were given Lapan as a gift many yers ago. It is in a downtown. That was I was heard. I was interested to see the cherry blossom. Thursday was a peak day of the blossom. Nina, our teacher, said about it and suggested to see it, and even gave a little homework. I really wanted to go, but Aidana, my niece, didn't agree. She couldn't understand what is that - the cherry blossom and wanted to see only movie. Even I have tried to explain several times. I had to stay with her at home. Tonight I complained my sister about her daughter, and she promised to do it together on Saturday.
On Saturday several students from the American university and we went to the Mall by metro. The metro was crowded, we even couldn't go owt by the exit to Independence Avenue. The day was sunny and windy. Really the cherry blossom is amazing.
It is a nature miracle. White bright color of trees does a new spring mood. The mood of love, the mood of new life, the mood of warm and kindness. There is an interesting philosophy, that the cherry blossom means a transiency of life (how time goes owt quickly and changes).
We walked a lot in that day. I saw the Gefferson memorial and the Japanese concert. We needed to go to a cineme center to do promise for my niece and see "Ice age-2." It was really good and fun day.


  • Dear Maira,

    At first I was worried that your niece had made it impossible for you to go see the cherry blossoms, but as I read on I found that you did get to go, with your sister and your niece. I am really happy that you enjoyed seeing these famous flowering trees, a gift to the United States from Japan. How did you like the Jefferson Memorial? It's one of my favorites. Could you understand any of the famous quotations on the walls?

    Good job!

    By Blogger Nina Liakos, at 6:09 AM  

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