Spring Break

Sunday, April 02, 2006

During last week all people talked about a cherry blossom around me. There are many cherry trees , which were given Lapan as a gift many yers ago. It is in a downtown. That was I was heard. I was interested to see the cherry blossom. Thursday was a peak day of the blossom. Nina, our teacher, said about it and suggested to see it, and even gave a little homework. I really wanted to go, but Aidana, my niece, didn't agree. She couldn't understand what is that - the cherry blossom and wanted to see only movie. Even I have tried to explain several times. I had to stay with her at home. Tonight I complained my sister about her daughter, and she promised to do it together on Saturday.
On Saturday several students from the American university and we went to the Mall by metro. The metro was crowded, we even couldn't go owt by the exit to Independence Avenue. The day was sunny and windy. Really the cherry blossom is amazing.
It is a nature miracle. White bright color of trees does a new spring mood. The mood of love, the mood of new life, the mood of warm and kindness. There is an interesting philosophy, that the cherry blossom means a transiency of life (how time goes owt quickly and changes).
We walked a lot in that day. I saw the Gefferson memorial and the Japanese concert. We needed to go to a cineme center to do promise for my niece and see "Ice age-2." It was really good and fun day.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Today I went to the Kennedy center and I walked around the center some time, and saw a concert. The concert was very good. It was been an inspiride perfomance of schoolchildren from the International music school. They put on perfomance on cello, violin, flute classic perfectly. I enjoyed it very much. Tomorrow it will be starting of Japanese perfomances. Next week is week of t Japan. So , it is possibility to know the Japanese culture. I really love the Kennedy center.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday. Yet one day was been for Maira's relax at home. I have read a lot news from the Internet and somethin about successful people. What about do they think, how they spend time. Most of them are just common people without any special talent, but they believe themselves and work hard. Or all people have talent? Only some of them can use it.
In the evening, I cooked "palay" , uzbek national dish. It was liked me, but my niece didn't like. We watched TV and she had gone to neighbour girl to play.
Tomorrow I will go to see movie to a cinema center or museums. I have began to bore at home.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Today is Wednesday. I got up too late again. I drunk a lot of tea and I began to write a paragraph about the trip to the American Indian museum. When does it end (home work)?
And I did it whole day. I was thinking about my other classmates during I worked. How do they do homework quickly? How do they manage? I work too slowly.
In the evening I decided to go shopping for shot time to the Friendshipheigh (there is metrostantion from our appartment building about half an hour to walk). There are several big stories there. Somebody asked me "Maira, Maira" . I wondered, who knows me?
And I recognised the homeless person, who knows me from the Georgetown library. At first time, when I couldn't say one english word I was happy any person, whose wants to talk with me. So he remembered me. I spent some time with him talking about his difficult life and I returned home. It was cold outside, I was cold.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My First Days of Spring Break

Yesterday was my first day of spring break. Most of my classmates have gone other places to meet freinds, to see new cities in the USA, and just to be fun. Why I stayed in Washington DC?I didn't have a mood to go somewhere, I didn't do a plan to go, and my feeling..................I always feel as I waste time, I don't study enough.............I decided to stay at this city, also I still have not seen many museums in DC.So on Monday I cleaned our appartment, cooked dinner, and met my sister with her daughter from Kazakhstan. They were there for spring break. They were happy and tired from long way. And then, I was listerning news about my relatieves, mother, friends, weather.... I was happy too.

Tuesday. Today I got up late, that I always hate, but I can't do when a lot of free time. My niece is sick a little bit, she is watching TV. She didn't go to school. I need to stay at home with her, so I am reading "Five people you meet in heaven" or "on heaven" , I forgot again preposition, I still can not understand when I need use on or in, or to, or for. Somebody from MEI said , there is logical meaning of prepositions, but I am stupid, I can not understand. Maybe on brak I need to work with that. The last task about reading book is not easy . I worked for it whole day.Usually I work slowly and I hate myself for that also. I read this book already, but I couldn't understand many detailes, there are too many new words for me, so I need to read again with dictionary. I will do it after spring break, I bored from reading this book. It is better if I do journal about the museum -trip, still I didn't do. Now it is evening, I didn't go outside, I think, it was chilly today. I received picture of Night Paris with french music. It raised my mood. Also my one of dreams is to see Paris one day.
Have every classmates good time on or in spring break.